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Unique African Safari Experiences, hand-crafted just for you!

Africa is our home - we live here and love this beautiful continent and would really like to share it with you. It would be our privilege to be part of planning your journey to this wonderful place.

We are a small dedicated team who have been providing African safari tours in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world for over 17 years and we can't wait to do the same for you.

Off2Africa will tailor make any safari to suit your needs. Additionally, we can help with accommodation, car hire, flights, activities, beach holidays and anything else that your mind can dream up.

Personal assistance, attention to detail and well-thought-out itineraries are what we are all about and we insist on providing our clients with 5 star service, no matter the destination. We offer all our services in German too! Simply ask, and we will put you in touch with the right person. We look forward to welcoming you to the worlds most exciting continent!

Beck Edwards

Owner and Founder


We would like to take a moment to thank David Amyot for sharing his expertise over the past 4 weeks. He provided us with knowledge of Africa, what it takes to be a private guide and so much more. It is individuals like him that make our client’s dreams become reality and for that, we are eternally grateful!

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SAVE African Rhino Foundation is now in its 33rd year of rhino conservation. We are the world’s biggest NGO donor to Zimbabwe rhino conservation. We admit there have been highs (overcoming the 1980s/90s rhino wars and rebuilding rhino populations) and lows (the current rhino killing spree that started around 2006 and still continues unabated).

We remain hopeful and we stay tenacious, as we know that rhinos can be brought back from the brink. As one top-ranking official in the National Parks of Zimbabwe said in 2004:

“If it were not for the SAVE African Rhino Foundation, the black rhinoceros would be extinct in Zimbabwe by now.”

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) falls under the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Tourism and Hospitality Industry. The ZPWMA has the authority to control, manage and maintain Zimbabwe Wildlife resources both flora and fauna.

The Authority manages one of the largest estates in the country, about 5 million hectares of land or 13% of Zimbabwe’s total land area. It should be noted that most of the Parks are located in Ecological Regions or rugged mountainous areas which would not have much economic alternative use.

The Authority has a mandate to manage the entire wildlife population of Zimbabwe, whether on private or communal lands. Private landowners can utilize the wildlife on their land but are still accountable to the Authority for the welfare of the animals.


Chipangali is a haven for wild animals which have little hope for survival in the wild – creatures which have been orphaned, abandoned, injured, born in captivity or brought up unsuccessfully as pets. It is often the last refuge for those brought in sick or injured, and increasingly it is a sanctuary for confiscated animals.

Chipangali has been featured in countless documentaries and is now world renowned for its pioneering work and is famed as one of Africa’s largest and most successful wildlife rehabilitation/release centres.

The wildlife Orphanage was established in 1973 by ex-game ranger Vivian Wilson and his wife Paddy, and its primary function is to offer a home to orphaned, abandoned and sick wild animals. Chipangali is not a zoo.

Wherever possible, rescued animals and birds are rehabilitated and returned to the wild. If safe release into their natural habitat is not possible, animals are cared for and kept for educational purposes and zoological study. In the case of endangered species, captive breeding programs may also be undertaken.

Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage is a registered Welfare Organization (38/77) in Zimbabwe.

The word Chipangali comes from the Chinyanja language in eastern Zambia where Viv Wilson originally began his career in with the Zambia Government as a tsetse-fly control operator, it is here that the whole concept of Chipangali was born and derived. The word means ‘open friendly country’.

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