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About Us

Safari Guide Afrika is a collection of individuals who have a shared passion for the wide open spaces and wildlife of Zimbabwe. We love our country and want you to be able to connect with it as we do.  The Safari Guide Afrika family have a diverse range of interests and therefore offer an extensive range of adventures and escapades. We believe that there should be something more to a safari than game drives and luxury accommodation we offer uniquely crafted experiences that offer something a little different to your traditional run of the mill  safari. 

Safari means journey and journey means more than merely travelling from one place to another, journey to us encompasses the wonder, challenges, highs and lows, celebrations, special moments and memories that define our experience as human beings.

We all have a deep love for our country and continent, Africa has left her footprints on our souls and we want you to have that transformative experience too.


The professional private guides are seasoned experts who will ensure that your experience of the wildlife in the bush is nothing less than outstanding and our collaboration with local writers and artists adds another dimension to an already awesome experience. The guides are available to deliver private guided safaris for individuals, couples or small groups, there really is no better way to experience the bush than in the capable hands of a dedicated professional guide.  

Meet the team

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