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Mark Friend



Being the 5th Generation born in Southern Africa, Mark was born in 1978 in the heart of Zimbabwe and spent his youth growing up surrounded by rural farming community areas where he very quickly developed a love for the African bush.

Becoming a trainee guide in 1997 and through a great training programme that he had been selected for, Mark was afforded the opportunity to gain experience within the majority of major national parks located in Zimbabwe, helping him to further develop his knowledge and passion for the wildlife, the people and their respective cultures.

In 2002, he obtained his Professional Guides Licence and won the award for Best Guide on the proficiency practical exams.  Mark has continued to spend his guiding career, traveling around Zimbabwe, working within the diverse ecosystems that it’s National Parks and Wildlife areas have to offer.

In 2004, Mark was afforded an opportunity to follow in his family’s footsteps and answer the call to service.  He left his beloved African bush and travelled to the UK where he joined the Hampshire Constabulary and served as a Police Officer.

After 8 years in the UK and serving the public through difficult times in their lives, the African bush where Marks heart still lives, began to yearn for him to return. At the end of 2011, Mark could resist no more and returned back with his family to his home land of Zimbabwe and is back living out his  true passion, as a Photographic Wildlife Guide exploring the wilds of Zimbabwe and creating life changing memories with its wildlife and people.

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